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In all city of Chengdu of 3750 flatlet source east applicable room project opens
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This year, crowd of peasant worker worker also is brought into ensure a category via comfortable room

Yesterday, the reporter learns from management board of house property of the Chengdu City, the Chengdu City is located in respectively inside 3 annulus road near coloured glaze crossroads He Longtan temple outboard of 3 annulus road project of two economy applicable room -- Huang Jingjia center, Oriental Li Yuan, share 3750 flatlet to undertake choosing for according with conditional citizen, accepting a citizen now explain buy. Chief reminds related this bureau: Every 2006 year already passed the family that registers beforehand with 2007 year, all can manage relevant material, according to the regulation explain buy a program, the bureau of region house canal that is in to living ground undertakes formal explain buy.

   The farmer is versed in also but explain buy

As we have learned, the dweller inside 5 the city zone of our city, should satisfy the following requirement only can explain buy economy applicable room: Family year income 40000 yuan the following (contain 40000 yuan) ; Two are had in domestic member (contain two) above 5 the city zone are formal registered permanent residence, among them the applicant must obtain this city 5 the city zone are formal registered permanent residence 3 years or 3 years of above; Area of housing of domestic average per capita is under 16 square metre (include to already bought policy sex housing) ; In property right person freewill circumstance falls but will original oneself property right housing hands in price of the calculation in be being laid in by city housing to counter-purchase.

And make come more the peasant worker worker that our city Wu is versed in is glad is, this year, the our city also brought into this kind of crowd economy applicable room housing ensures a category. According to relevant provision, every census register belongs to our city country, wu of the town inside area of our city administration is versed in now go into town laborer of village of Wu workers and peasants, accord with a condition all can press a regulation explain buy the economy that faces social put on sale applicable housing. These peasant worker worker that are versed in in our city Wu need to satisfy only the following 4 conditions, also but explain buy economy applicable room: It is, family year income accords with the standard that applicable housing sets local economy. Be in among them area of bright and beautiful river, Qing Yang, Taurus, Wu Hou, Cheng Hua (contain new and high area, the following abbreviation 5 the city zone) inside, explain buy economy the family of applicable housing year income is 40 thousand yuan the following, in other area (city) county explain buy, ought to accord with the standard that place sets; 2 be, census register attributes extent of administration of the Chengdu City; 3 be, domestic member has two (contain two) above, among them advocate the applicant is versed in in Wu the town of seat, integrated society is sure or town duty commune meets successive pay be sure two years above (contain two years) ; 4 be, there is property right housing oneself without the city in the town inside area of our city administration (include " new residence project " find a place for room) .
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