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Popularity of Chengdu building city buys a room to send area cat be bored with m
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A price, group buys price, in installment pay...

Come over as room city cold wave, the sales promotion way that develops business also makes a person dazzling, and at present the most commonly used is " send an area " way, the person that let buy a house indeed becomes really interested, nevertheless, the personage inside course of study points out, "The bought seed that did not sell " , development business buys a house this kind " send an area " hide actually in way feline be bored with is not little.

   Buy a house " send an area " can be found everywhere

At present, leaf through Lin Lin always totalBuilding dishAdvertisement, "Send an area " word it may be said cans be found everywhere.

Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study of house property group points out, development business place sends these " area " it is the opportunity that uses policy of program and house property mapping more " steal " come. For example, be opposite to answer two years ago " 90/70 " (the 90 square metre in building the house are the following door model the 70%) house property that should take floor area is new politics, development business in succession " exploit an advantage " calculate more sell fund more. If close the balcony, half area becomes calculate an area completely; Make bay window, height exceeds area of 2.2 meters of computation to wait a method a moment, will a few ought not to calculative area becomes in succession " true gold silver " . Development business is worn urgently again now these " secretly " the area that come " send " go out, explain commodity house sells too hard really now, and the person that buy a house must heart bright look is bright, cent is clear about gold and sand.

   3 kinds " feline be bored with " must prevent

Nowadays, developing the area that business place gives is the balcony more, enter a garden, wave window, basement, still having a few is raise an area from the space, carry tall gazebo, wrong layer to wait for instance. Although be in " fatigued and weak " before room market, the mentality that develops business anticipates also produced change, holding house price in the arms no longer " go up not to drop only " the concept supports tough attitude, but among them " feline be bored with " consumer also have to beware of.

   "Feline be bored with " one of:

Balcony half price gives free, new old acquaintance replaces lift helplessly. Press a regulation, obtained those who open to booking licence before on January 1, 2007Building dish, when computational area, use " old " method, close for instance the balcony calculates whole area, do not close the balcony calculates half area to wait. Obtained those who open to booking licence later on January 1, 2007Building dishUnified when mapping area " new " method, like the balcony, no matter close,enter a garden, calculate half area; Wave the window does not calculate an area; Height exceeds area of 2.2 meters French window computation to wait. At present a few dozens are worn " send an area " of banner
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