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Chengdu develops business to conceal the house that building utility fault buys
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After paying 10000 yuan deposit, the house that Mr Huang just discovers to he is placed is not development business conduct propaganda " building of pure business affairs " , however residential building. Subsequently, business of development of Mr Huang demand returns deposit by refus, both sides is troubled by went up court. The reporter learns from black sheep court yesterday, the court considers as development finally business careless conduct propaganda brings about Mr Huang to produce great misunderstanding, the contract that both sides signs from this is in jural belong to but cancel contract, the court adjudicates development business returns 10000 yuan of deposit.

   Suffer misdirect to buy a fault room

Development business does not withdraw fund

Mr Huang is sued say, on June 27, 2007, he and development business signed someBuilding dish" the sheet that order " , agree Mr Huang buys thisBuilding dish6 buildings 3 commodity house, paid deposit 10000 yuan. After a few days, mr Huang develops trade selling office to sign by conventional time " business of house of commodity of the Chengdu City (open to booking) contract " when, just discover the house that oneself buy is not conduct propaganda of the other side " building of pure business affairs " " tall intelligence zoology office building " " pure office building " etc, its program use also is not his what allege " commerce " , however " the residence " .

Mr Huang understands he buys a fault at a draught house, subsequently, he finds development business to ask to return deposit, sufferred refuse.

Development business does not withdraw fund, mr Huang is forced to be sued to the court, what he thinks he wants to buy is office those who use is pure business room, not be the residence, and development business passes propagandist data and sale advertisement to inform him intentionally however false circumstance, he makes prevail on wrong meaning expresses, signed " the sheet that order " . Development business place receives deposit to should be returned.

   The court is investigated maintain

The accused conduct propaganda is disloyal

In cognizance, development business shows, they and yellow gentleman sign " the sheet that order " the true meaning that is both sides expresses, it is lawful and effective, " the sheet that order " after signing, mr Huang did not sign the contract that buy a house with development business, it is Mr Huang break a contact, because this does not return deposit. Development business still emphasizes at the same time, although propagandist data did not explain place develops a building to contain boarding house, but look from the position of the building, price and old property right, the person that buy a house should be clear that what its buy a house is apartment.

According to the case that the court proves, thisBuilding dishBuilding 1-2 layer is apartment utility for layer of commercial use, 3-20. Development business is in the conduct propaganda on propagandist an album of paintings " building of pure business affairs " " mark sex business affairs is built " etc, the building knows to contain apartment utility without bright assure on an album of paintings of this conduct propaganda.
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